LOCUS Real Estate, LLC

Asset Evaluation: Determine potential or hidden value and possible pitfalls of real estate assets through thorough and thoughtful due diligence and investigation pre-acquisition, for owner or for lender.

Management: For real estate projects where staff is not available or as an alternative to increasing staff, LOCUS can provide a solution, either short-term or long-term, on an as-needed basis. We will manage your real estate project from any stage through to completion.

Stabilization and Exit Strategies: Determine an optimal plan to stabilize an asset to maximize the value of your real estate and develop alternative exit strategies.

Argus Modeling
: If you require an Argus financial model for a sales or acquisition package or to review with lenders or partners, LOCUS will review your information and construct an accurate financial model using your assumptions.

Diligence Package Production: We can provide a detailed, thorough and accurate due diligence package to help facilitate a smoother and faster transaction and produce higher offers on a property for an owner.

Review and Document Analysis: A thorough review of a property or portfolio’s lease agreements, mortgage documents and financial statements to determine any contingent liabilities, and strategies to improve net operating income and increase value by increasing revenues or strategically reducing expenses.